Delta Upgrades – Separating Passenger Records

Yesterday, I realized I had not seen any first class upgrade emails for my upcoming trip even though I was only a couple of days out from departure.  Given my Diamond status and my record for clearing up to five days out, it raised a red flag for me.  After checking my reservation, it was pretty obvious what the problem was…I had booked a passenger with me on the same record.  Technically, we were both in the same PNR.  This stands for Passengere Name Record.  This occurs when you book two or more passengers onto the same flights in the same reservation.

This happens to me fairly often.  In this case, it was my VP of Operations.  Other times, I might book up to six flight reservations at one time.  The advantage of doing this is to ensure we are all on the same flight.  However, it also affects my status on the upgrade list.  Since my colleague is a Delta Gold Medallion, my chances for upgrade are lowered.  This is partly due to the fact that looking to upgrade two passengers instead of one obviously reduces opportunity and partly due to the fact that my priority is lowered to his level.

By calling Delta, I was able to split the records and go back to clearing on my own merits.  Voila!  Within a couple of hours, my upgrade for the second leg of my flights (the first leg has no first class) cleared but my colleague’s did not.  Now, with his status, he might clear within the 24 hour window or at the departure gate, but his inclusion in my record was clearly hurting my chances at the upgrade.