Delta Airlines – LEX – ATL – NAS Roundtrip

Flight Review

I have not been to the Bahamas for years so I was excited when my wife and I had a chance to take a break and head down there for a week with friends.  In looking back at the tickets that I bought months ago, I’m struck by how expensive they were but I had just burned a ton of Delta miles to book flights to South Africa later this year (more to come on that in a future post).

Our flights down to Nassau were relatively routine and I’m not counting this trip in my upgrade results for the year since I was not willing to separate our PNR records since we had some baggage to check.  Our other option would have been to fly USAir through Charlotte since they are a partner with Bahamasair and we could have purchased all the way through to our final destination, but I decided to go with Delta due to my status in case of any disruptions.

On our return trip, we boarded on-time in Atlanta but the crew found multiple mechanical issues resulting in a bird that could not fly.  But, being in Atlanta, Delta was able to arrange for another plane with the same configuration.  Unfortunately, we had to go from E36 to A30 which is about as far apart as you can get in Atlanta but we were boarded and pushed back almost exactly two hours from original departure time.

The flight crew and the FA’s did a great job with communication throughout the event and actually kept the passengers in pretty good spirits.  All in all, I thought it was a good job by Delta in service recovery but the final grade reflects that it was a mechanical issue that resulted in a long day.

Final Grade: B-

Points and Dollars

My ticket was an expensive $725.  I earned 2,450 MQM’s plus another 1,531 bonus miles.  Add in the 1,450 miles that I will earn from purchasing it on my DL Platinum AMEX and my total Skymiles for this trip comes out to 5,431.


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