American Airlines – LEX – DFW Rountrip

Flight Review

It has been several years since I have flown on American.  I think the last time was a trip to Caracas, Venezuela due to their strong service to Latin America.  Even when I lived in Chicago in the late 80’s, I did not fly them as I was a United guy back then.  With all of the recent buzz about AA in the blog world, largely due to the OneWorld MegaDo, I was considering giving them a try but their trip into bankruptcy has given me pause.

However, I had quick trip to Dallas for a speaking engagement and my client booked me on AA direct from LEX, operated by American Eagle.  Both flights were on Embraer 140 aircraft with a 1-2 configuration.  The flights were pretty typical RJ flights and, unfortunately, neither plane had wi-fi.  I suspect a comparable flight on Delta, at 2 hours 15 minutes, would have likely had Gogo but there is no guarantee on that point.

Everything ran on time but the most noticeable thing to me was the attitude of the FA’s and gate agents.  Everyone I came into contact with was upbeat and friendly which contrasts with several reviews I’ve seen recently since AMR filed bankruptcy.  From my experience, one could not tell that was anything was amiss. 

I also had a chance to experience the Admirals Club at DFW by B5 gate due to my AMEX Business Platinum card.  While I was there for only a quick visit, I once again found everyone to be extremely cordial and helpful.  Based on this experience, I would certainly not hesitate to try them again a few more times this year.

Final Grade: A

Points and Dollars

The best part of the trip is that the client paid for it and I put 1,570 AA miles into my absolutely empty AAdvantage account.


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