Hampton Inn – Canton, GA

Hotel Review

This hotel is only two years olds and in a growing area that is rapidly becoming part of the megapolis that is now the Atlanta metro area.  I was in town with my video crew for a client shoot and needed four rooms at a good price so this was my choice.  We received pretty typical Hampton service, which is reliable albeit not spectacular, a decent breakfast in the mornings, and a room rate of just under $100 per night.  Due to its youth, the rooms and facilities were very fresh, clean, and well done.  It also had a sign that recognized its selection as a “Connie” award winner in 2010 which is one of the top awards given across the Hilton family for guest satisfaction.

I was also successful, for the first time, in getting a second room credited to my Hhonors account.  Once again, the front desk personnel were under the impression that as long as my Hhonors number was on both rooms, I would receive credit.  I contacted the Hhonors Diamond desk and confirmed that this not the case.  Hhonor’s terms and conditions state that you can get credit for base points on a second room only if the charges for both rooms are paid on one folio.  Therfore, the charges have to be transferred to your primary room. 

I spoke again with front desk again and clarified this with them and they were to transfer the charges for the second room onto my folio and, voila, it worked!  As a point of clarity, the second room does not count towards elite status qualification.

Final Grade: A

Points and Dollars

For all four rooms for three nights, my bill came to $1,368 with $670 (two rooms) being eligible for Hhonors base points.  My base point earnings were 6,639 plus my two 50% bonuses (Diamond and MyWay) adding another 6,639 plus 1,000 bonus points per night for the Q1 promotion and 500 points for booking online with my AMEX Supass card.  This totals to 16,777 points but I will earn another 9 points per dollar spent since I charged it all to my AMEX Hhonors Surpass card for another 12,312 points bringing my grand total to 29,089 points plus 2,012 Delta Skymiles as part of another Q1 promo.


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