Hilton/Visa Text Bonus Promo

In January, details of a new joint promotion between Visa and Hilton came out.  The promotion is very straightforward and allows you to earn 5,000 for $100 in spend at a Hilton property.

  • Register your Visa card and mobile phone number agreeing to receive up to two promotion text messages a week
  • Receive 1,000 HHonors points upon registration
  • Spend $100 at a Hilton property on the registered Visa card and receive an additional 4,000 points.

Your first reaction might be concern over being slammed with spam messages on your mobile phone but you can opt out at anytime.  Additionally, I registered for this promo when it first came out and I have yet to receive the first text from them other than confirmation texts for my 1,000 points and my 4,000 points.  This promo is still active and you can register here until June 30, 2012.


One Response to Hilton/Visa Text Bonus Promo

  1. Jacob Fitzsimmons says:

    Jason, thanks so much for sharing this tip. I just signed up (very easy–took about a minute) and 1,000 points are now coming my way. By the way, the text I received said I could get UP TO 8 text messages a month. So even if they started doing that, it isn’t that bad.

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