Hyatt Regency – New Orleans

Hotel Review

A trip to New Orleans for a business conference brought me to the Hyatt Regency hotel right next to the Superdome and ground zero in the days after Katrina.  In fact, this hotel only opened last October after nearly six years since the storm.  By chance, I actually arrived the day of a spectacular fund-raising event at the hotel headlined by such stars as Brad Pitt, Ellen DeGeneres, Drew Brees, Sheryl Crow and several other luminaries.

The hotel is obviously huge and was hosting the benefit, the SEC basketball tournament, the professional conference I was in town for, and some type of pharmacy convention.  It was understandable that there were no suites available when I tried to use one of my Diamond upgrade certificates.  My room was on one of the executive floors but nothing fancy.  I did not have a lot of opportunity to use the executive lounge but it seemed nice.

While the stay was fine, housekeeping was not typically to my room before 4:30 or 5:00 p.m. in the afternoon which I found a bit surprising.  But, my major complaint had to do with the business service for the conference – specifically, the in-house Audio-Visual support.  The sound system was inadequete, there were problems with playing audio in almost every session, I got 20-25 seconds of unanticipated random music when I was on-stage, and my mike was not on for the first 3 minutes of my presentation.

I know the conference organizer was very displeased with the service and I would imagine he would be hard-pressed to bring his group back to this location unless serious improvements are made to this important aspect of a hotel such as this one.

Final Grade: C

Points and Dollars

This stay marked two milestones for me with the Hyatt chain this year.  It completed my 12 nights within 90 days Diamond Status challenge (based on my HHonors Diamond status) and put me pass the 8 nights mark for the Q1 promo.  My room costs were $830 and I netted 3,500 base Passport points, 2,050 bonus points for Diamond status and 8,000 for my threshold achievement in the Q1 promo for  a total of 13,550 plus the 1,660 Ultimate Rewards points I will earn for charging my expense to my new Chase Ink Bold MasterCard.


4 Responses to Hyatt Regency – New Orleans

  1. Brian Peak says:

    I am enjoying your posts, as a HH Diamond as well I am interested in the Hyatt experience, what steps did you take to participate in the Diamond Status Challenge?

    • jparker says:

      I simply email them at and included a scan of my HHonors Diamond card and my activity from the previous months. They responsed quickly and issued the challenge for 12 nights in 60 days.

      What is really nice is that they give you Diamond status while you are conducting the challenge including four suite upgrades.

  2. Brian Peak says:

    Got this email from Marriott..

    Thank you for contacting Marriott Rewards.

    On behalf of Marriott Rewards Guest Services, please allow me to extend an offer to you to conditionally upgrade your status to the Gold Elite level. This new status would be valid through July 31, 2012; however, an updated membership card would not be processed until the following terms have been met.

    In order to maintain this status, you must stay 12 paid nights beginning with the date the upgrade is processed, through July 31, 2012. This is a one-time offer, and would be effective within 24 to 48 hours of your acceptance of this upgrade offer.

    Once you have stayed 12 paid nights, the Gold Elite status will be extended through February 2014. To retain this status for all of 2014, you would need to stay the qualifying number of nights during 2013. The Silver Elite level requires 10 personal paid nights, the Gold Elite level requires 50 personal paid nights, and the Platinum Elite level requires 75 personal paid nights.

    Should you be unable to stay the 12 paid nights during this trial period, your account would be returned to your original status, and you would need to stay the normal night requirements to regain this Gold Elite level.

    Elite nights earned through promotions that appear as non-stay nights in your account do not qualify for this offer.

    Please reply to this email if you would like to accept this offer, and I will process the information to have your account upgraded and your eligible stays counted for the next few months.

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