Delta Airlines – China Roundtrip

Flight Review

For this trip, I basically inverted my flights from last Fall with a flight into Shanghai’s Pudong Airport through Detroit and a return from Beijing coming home through Detroit.  My CRJ flights back and forth to Detroit were unremarkable.  Both of my long-haul flights were on Boeing 777 aircraft in Delta’s Economy Comfort product.

The Ecomony Comfort product does offer a bit more leg room and are definitely better than normal coach but the same width and certainly don’t come close to reclining enough for a good sleep experience.  These aircraft featured the slim-line seats Delta is using which can feel a bit hard after a few hours.

I would have loved to be in the Business Elite cabin that features the lie flat seat in a herringbone pattern but the price differential was steep and the back of the plane was not oversold which is the only way that even a Diamond can get bumped to the front.

Service was competent on all flights and every flight was on-time.  On return through DTW, the showers that are available in the Sky Club are a great way to get freshened up if you have time between connections.

Final Grade: A

Points and Dollars

My ticket cost $1163.  For this, I earned 14,769 MQM’s plus my Diamond bonus miles of 18,461.  Add in the 2,326 miles I’ll get from charging it to my DL Platinum AMEX and my total comes to 35,556.


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