Delta Airlines – Flight Notes

After several months of blogging regularly on my travels, I have come to the conclusion that flight recaps are probably boring to both of us.  Unless something really unique happens or it is an unusual trip, such as the ATL-JNB flight, there just usually isn’t too much to differentiate one flight from another.  As a result, I’m going to change to posting periodic notes and comments about my flights instead of detailing every single one. 

I just got done with several trips on Delta including roundtrips to London, Dallas, and Newark.  Here are some random thoughts from these flights.

  • I had one of the last flights to London Gatwick and Delta has now consolidated all their service to Heathrow.  I’m sure that makes sense but I’m going to miss Gatwick as it was so easy to navigate, there was a nice arrivals lounge with showers, and it was certainly easier to get through passport control there.
  • I had the good fortune of getting bumped up to Business Elite on the Gatwick flight but it was the old 767 configuration and it is clear that lie-flat, herringbone configurations have completely spoiled all of us.
  • The Purser on the Gatwick flight was outstanding and I was pleased to give her a “Great Job” certificate. I think Delta’s flight crews are typically very good.
  • Newark airport is just as bad as it was 12 years ago when I flew in and out of it regularly due to living in the area.  I cannot imagine being a United/Continental customer there and having to deal with it every week.
  • I still have 100% upgrade success this year domestically.  If there is a FC cabin, I have been in it and have usually cleared well before the flight.
  • My on-time performance has been very good.  There was s delay for mechanical issue a couple of months ago and one for a sick passenger in the past few weeks, but those have been the only exceptions on the record this year.

As you can see, I’ve had some pretty good experience on Delta this year and their in-flight product has been very good.  I’ll share more thoughts after my next set of flights.


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