New York City – Photo Journal

I had a few hours in New York City last week and had some great weather to walk around in.  I was able to get a few shots that reflect a few different sites that don’t get a lot of coverage.  First of all, I went down to Madison Square Park for a bit of wondering around.  Famous for lending its name to Madison Square Garden, it is not near the current arena. 

Instead, this park is down by the iconic Flatiron Building and the Met Life Building, once the tallest building in the world.  Here is a shot of the Met Life Building from Madison Squre Park:

Met Life Building

Met Life Building











Madison Square Park is also the home of the Admiral David Farragut monument.  The statue is the first commissioned work by Augustus Saint-Gaudens and was completed in Paris and shipped to the U.S.  It sets on a base designed by the famous architect Stanford White.

Farragut Monument

Farragut Monument











Finally, here is a shot of “Korea Street” which is on 32nd St. and reflects the significant Korean population in the area:

Korea Street

Korea Street


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