Embassy Suites – Beaverton, OR

Hotel Review

It has been years since I have stayed in an Embassy Suites, but I received a recommendation for this property located by the Washington Square Mall from a friend in the area.  When I was traveling in the early 90’s, I remember working for a boss who liked Embassy Suites and it felt like a real luxury to me.  So, for a few years I stayed at this chain and enjoyed it.  But, in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, it seemed like the properties were getting a bit tired.

This hotel stay has dispelled that idea for me or, at least, tells me that I should try a few more of these properties.  This location was in great shape and has obviously had some capital put into it as the design of the hotel, with classic ES atrium, suggests to me that it has been around for awhile.  Check in was a breeze and friendly.  There is a nightly manager’s reception and fresh cooked to order breakfast each day although I was not able to take advantage of either amenity.

There is a significant conference facility at this hotel and they appeared to be hosting at least two good sized groups.  The lounge was nicer than most typical hotel bars.  While it was a short stay here, I will definitely consider this property on my next visit to the area.

Final Grade: A

Points and Dollars

For my one night stay, my rate was $ and my total bill was $318 after incidentals.  Unfortunately, this was a location that declined participation in the Q2 promo for double points.  As a result, I earned 10,731 points based on the following breakdown:

  • Base points = 3,185
  • “Points and Points” bonus = 1,592
  • Diamond 50% bonus = 1,592
  • AMEX on-line booking bonus = 500
  • Q2 Double Points bonus = 0
  • Diamond MyWay bonus = 1,000
  • HHonors Surpass card by AMEX (9 points per dollar) = 2,862

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