Passport Lines at London Heathrow

How bad do the passport lines at London’s Heathrow airport have to be for Delta to send out an email to all their SkyMiles members?  For the past several weeks, we’ve been hearing horror stories about the lines at Heathrow and it seems like the problem is here to stay for awhile.  It doesn’t help matters for Delta flyers that Delta recently shut down their Gatwick operations.  I was on one of the last flights into Gatwick and had a conversation with the Purser who had been flying that route for years.  We agreed that Gatwick was the much easier airport to navigate on arrival and the problems at Heathrow only seem to confirm our sentiment.

There is a good summary of the issues at The Telegraph but things don’t look promising this summer.  I’m scheduled into Heathrow in late June and not looking forward to it!


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