Hilton, Delta Score High on Customer Satisfaction Index

My two “go to” travel providers – Delta Airlines and Hilton Hotels – scored well on the American Customer Satisfaction Index that was released a couple of weeks ago.

Hilton scored first in the category beating runner-up Marriott Hotels.  Hilton’s large footprint, range of brands in both price and amenities, and their consistency of service are what keep me coming back to them

Delta scored third in the airlines category behind JetBlue and Southwest but firmly ahead of other “legacy” carriers such as United/Continental, US Airways, and American.  When reading other travel blogs and message boards where Delta’s frequent flyer program, SkyMiles, is held in such low esteem, I always wonder if I should try out some others.  However, as a butt in seat traveler, my number one concern is the product and I don’t think Delta’s can be beat..


Silly Uses of Social Media in the Travel Industry

In the July issue of Travel+Leisure magazine, there is section on social media.  I gave it a read because I’m trying to figure out what role Facebook and the like have in the world of travel.  I have connected to Hilton and Hyatt on FB and have participated in a couple of promotions but it all seems a bit forced to me – as if these hotel chains are just trying to think of reasons to be there because they feel like they have to be there.

It turns out I might be right.  The winner of “Best Use of A Social Media Platform” for an individual hotel was the Ritz-Carlton in Naples, FL.  Their brainchild?  They asked “How do you like your coffee?” on their Facebook page and then keep track of responses in case a “fan” ends up booking a stay.

I cannot imagine how much effort has to go into tracking this for the simple sake of saving a waitress the time and effort of asking “Would you like cream for your coffee?”  And, if they have a “fan” stay but somehow fail to realize they have their coffee preference on file, they have now given the customer a reason to be disappointed over an expectation that they created for no reason.  This is simply silly.