Lufthansa – CDG – MUC – LHR

For an intra-Europe trip from Paris to Munich and then back to London Heathrow, I found some good flights on Lufthansa, a German airline that is a member of the Star Alliance.  It is my impression from reading other blogs by travelers who frequent the Star Alliance, that Lufthansa has a good reputation both on in-flight product and from a service perspective.

As I mentioned in a recent post, I had to check the rollaboard bag that I usually carry-on with me but there was no fee involved and the check-in process worked efficiently.  On the flight from Munich back to London Heathrow, I was concerned about going through passport control because of stories about long wait times.  The check-in agent at Lufthansa tried everything she could try to get my back checked through and over onto the Delta flights so I wouldn’t have to reclaim but I was traveling on a separate itinerary, with a non-alliance carrier, and on an award ticket to boot!  No luck but great effort from her.

I can’t remember the details of the aircraft but the planes were clean and service was efficient.  I also like some of the amenities that Lufthansa provides for all flyers such as this newspaper and beverage stand that is in the gate area and free to all travelers..

The other Lufthansa program of note is their utilization of a self-scan boarding process that they call Quick Boarding.  Of course, agents are still available, but I was able to negotiate this process with no trouble.

Overall, a very good experience and a few more United miles in my Mileage Plus account.  The is no hesitancy on my part to recommend them as a good option in Europe.


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