Vietnam/Cambodia – Trip Update: I’m on the Road

I’m not at home, so that is progress.  I’ve made it as far as exotic Houston, TX where I’ll overnight and then fly to Tokyo and then on to Hanoi.  I will arrive late on Wednesday night, Hanoi time.

My daypack ended up weighing 17 pounds so made my goal of ultralight.  Only issue tonight was leaving in 1 degree weather with no clothing heavier than what I have planned for 65 degree weather in Hanoi.

Off to SE Asia

Here is what I would say are the pros and cons of where I ended up with my travel disruption.


  • I’m going to make it to Vietnam and Cambodia.
  • Avoided eating the costs of arranging my visas and my internal flights on Vietnam Airlines between the major cities, which were not terribly expensive but non-refundable.
  • I spent the delay in my travel at home and not sleeping on the floor in Chicago O’Hare as I’m sure many treavlers did.
  • The local gates agents, especially Haley, were outstanding and saved the trip for me.
  • If I had to cancel the trip, the chances of being able to book in future for same miles and points would be highly unlikely given recent award chart devaluations.


  • Lose a day and a half in Hanoi
  • Spent 20,000 Hhonors points to get a room overnight at the airport in Houston
  • I was looking forward to the business class product of EVA which has a great reputation.  The flight I’m on to Japan will not be as nice.
  • The flight from Tokyo to Hanoi is about six hours and I will be in coach.  The gate agents thought they had booked me in business but the codes were different with JAL, who operate the flight.  They could not get it corrected before space was gone.
  • United really imploded with their ability to communicate with customers.  No one blames them for historic weather, but customers were not even able to get in the queue on the phone lines and web site was useless.

All in all, I think I’ve made out okay given the weather.  Of course, I’m still not in SE Asia, so I’ll feel better when I land in Hanoi.


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