Europeans and Protests – A busy day in Madrid

One of the things you can count on in European capitals is a high likelihood that someone will be having some kind of protest while you are there.  Today, there was a cornucopia of protests to observe around the Plaza de Cibeles.  First, I ran into this group who were marching for the right to water.  I didn’t even know Spain had a lawn watering ban in place.


Then, we actually had a few protests stacked up on each other.  I didn’t catch what the first group was marching for but his one was marching about fibromyalgia.  I assume they think it is a bad thing but could not make up what they are seeking.


The most entertaining group was protesting against the banks and fraudulent finance folks.  They were the most entertaining because they brought a small band to accompany them.  I’m not sure what music you can play on drums to signify your outrage at the bourgeois but it attracted attention.


If the Spaniards are anything like their neighbors, the French, they are probably sitting on la terraza by now drinking wine.


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