Museo del Prado – El Greco, Goya, y No Voy a

Actually, I did go but “Voy a” worked a lot better with Goya than “Ojalá no hubiera ido” which means “I wish I had not gone.”  The Prado is considered one of the most important art galleries in the world and the best representation of Spanish art anywhere.  In addition to El Greco and Goya, there are numerous works by Velasquez, Titian, and Rubens.  But, I can save you the entry fee of 14 euros if you’ll just read along for a few minutes.

Probably 90% of the art here falls into one of three main types of paintings.  This is about all you will see at the Prado..

1.  Paintings of Christ – the birth of Jesus, the crucifixion of Jesus, the resurrection of Jesus.  Room after room after room of paintings of Jesus. I mean really, even the most devout painter must have gotten tired of this subject.

Wife: [to husband as he hangs up the phone] “What was that all about?”

Artist: “Another commission for a painting.” [sighs]

Wife: “That’s good news, right?”

Artist:  “It is another request for baby Jesus. Why can’t anyone ever ask for a ship at sea or a field of flowers in France?”

Wife: “Well, it pays the bills.  What are you going to do differently this time?”

Artist: “I have no idea.”

2.  Paintings of a rape incident, an attempted rape, or punishment of someone for rape.  When not painting Jesus, the masters drew upon a rich heritage of myths from the Greeks and Romans.  While I know the major gods of Olympus, there are some sick story lines that most of us are not that familiar with.  I counted at least three different paintings of Tityus being punished for attempting to rape one of Jupiter’s lovers.  His punishment includes having birds eat at his liver fro eternity.

Wife: “At least its not another order for one of those rape paintings.”

Artist: [to himself] “I kind of enjoy those.”

3.  Portraits of corpulent patrons that are apparently designed to make them look ridiculous.

That’s it in a nutshell.  You’re welcome.


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