Big Disappointment with American Airlines

In yesterday’s post, I mentioned I was able to secure an AA flight with their new business configuration with four lie-flat seats per row giving everyone aisle access. Well, big disappointment on boarding as we were in their old 767 configuration with six seats across meaning that the window seats have to get past the aisle passenger to get up.

The middle and far side seats on this old 737-300 config

The middle and far side seats on this old 737-300 config

These are not lie-flat seats, but angled seats in full recline and they don’t have individual entertainment screens which AA tries to compensate for by giving business class passengers a personal tablet with the entertainment offerings, but look how that looks in practice..

Two tray tables, the tablet, and the power cord have to move. More complicated once the meal is served.

Two tray tables, the tablet, and the power cord have to move. Even more complicated when meal is served.

If the window passenger wants out during the flight, it is a major operation on the part of the aisle passenger.

As of the day before the flight, the seating chart still showed the new configuration with me sitting in 3A. No one could explain why there was a change of equipment and there was no notice. Luckily, the guys who had 3B actually prefers the window so we traded so I could be on the aisle. I would much rather be bothered by the window passenger getting out than feeling bad for bothering the aisle passenger multiple times on the flight.

Am I crying about first world problems? Yes, maybe. But, these seats sell for around $3,000 round trip so expecting what was promised is not unreasonable, in my opinion.

I will point out that the cabin staff were excellent and all operations ran on-time. It was just a lousy piece of equipment relative to what I bought.


One Response to Big Disappointment with American Airlines

  1. Lord Lord says:

    Jason – $8,000 to $10,000 is the round trip average business class seat PHL to Vienna (booked three weeks in advance with a Saturday night stay). I’d be very unhappy.

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