Global Travel Security Risks

When most people think of travel risks, they think of either an aircraft disaster or a terrorist incident like the hotel attacks in Mumbai or the bombings in Jakarta.  However, most risks are much more mundane and much more common.  Car accidents in China, sanitation in India, pickpockets in Rome, or a twisted ankle in Dubrovnik are the types of things that are more likely to affect your trip.

Still, it makes sense to monitor global hotspots relative to crime, terrorism, and social unrest.  There is  a current article over at Hurman Resource Executive Online that highlights a recent study, 2012 Global Security and Travel Risks, conducted by International SOS and Control Risks that identifies top concerns for business travelers in 2012.

The Arab spring, nuclear disaster in Japan and the worldwide financial crisis — combined with other political and security issues — made last year an “extremely turbulent” one for business travelers, expatriates and their organizations

That’s according to Iain Donald, vice president and director of Global Risks Analysis for the Americas at Control Risks in the New York area.

During a recent webinar, Global Political and Travel Security Risks 2012: Looking Ahead, he said organizations need to take a fresh look at their security and travel policies and procedures in light of past and future global risks, which are becoming “more complex and interconnected.”

Periodically, NoteFromTheRoad will post specific security and safety tips for travel.  You don’t have to be Jason Bourne to stay safe on the road.  Instead, simple preparation and behavior modifications go a long way to keeping you out of harm’s way.